Video Clips

A selection of Phil's Video clips of past events & clips of interest or links

Please be patient this page will be under on going evolution

Targa 2005 Guns Plains Phil & Paul's Off (37M) Jack & Vin Classic Adelaide (758K)
Bathurst Hilcimb Porsche 968 Turbo 2006 (32K) Fiat 126 V Porsche Drag (1.1M)
2005_gemenos_castellana (10M) Targa 04 Prologe High lights
Classic Adelaide 2003 Cork screw Fiat Almonte Bathurst Hill Climb In Car2006
In car Classic Adelaide In car Cork screw 2004 Kirkfood Utube Video clip from Targa 2007
Savage River (Rally Tas Fiat 124 Spyder Abarth 04) Almonte Basthurst 08 (2.7M)
Targa 07 Devonport (4.6M) Targa 07 Nookville (5.06M)
Targa 08 Prolog 08 (6.9M) T08_externalfootage.wmv(262448)
Targa 08 Punto blows past 750Abarth & HoldenGTRXU1 PTCC TV Interview 07
Targa Elephant Pass 2008
Targa High Coutry 10 TS12
Targa High Country 10 TS3

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